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Quantum Energy Pad - Mini

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Quantum Energy Pad - Mini
The Quantum Energy Pad is an accessory for your Biomat. The power of the Biomat, combined with the Quantum technology and new comfort system, brings a new level of therapeutic sleep.

The Quantum Energy Pad, an environmentally friendly product, composed of raw materials, such as organic compound energy extracted from peach and grape seeds, which is beneficial to the human body's biological vibration.

The Quantum Energy Pad maintains your health by promoting blood circulation through the use of Far Infrared Rays and enhances resistance against harmful germs and bacteria which contributes to various illnesses. It performs maintenance and resistance with the creation of Anions, also known as Negative Ions or "Vitamins of the air."

The Quantum Energy Pad reduces formaldehyde and ammonia, which are harmful gasses, especially in the cases involving pneumonia and staphylococcus. The pad's strong antibiotic function reduces these gasses by 99.9%. Stability of Brain Waves

The Quantum Energy Pad reduces Beta waves, seen in highly stressful situations, while increasing Alpha waves, which creates a state of relaxation, allowing fresh sleep and vitality.

Our superfine hypoallergenic micro fabric aids in the prevention of heat loss, keeping your family healthy and free from allergic dyes used in most synthetic fabrics.

It is made of dense and regular molecular structures. Its high density durable 3D mesh material allows excellent air permeability. Our 3D mesh evenly distributes body weight and eliminates pressure points. Convenient

The micro fiber cover is removable and machine washable. It is light and convenient to wash and handle.

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