Quantum Energy Pad

Woman On Quantum Energy Pad

Includes: Pad, Duvet Cover & Duffel Storage Bag

Available in the following sizes: Professional, Single, Queen, King

The QEP is environmentally friendly, composed of organic compounds extracted from peach and grape seeds, found to be beneficial to the human body’s biological vibration.

Aids in the Stability of Brain Waves as the pad reduces Beta waves, seen in stressful situations, while increasing Alpha waves creating a state of relaxation allowing for refreshing sleep and vitality.

Quantum Energy Layer with Far Infrared rays and Liquid Tourmaline Negative Ions. Maintains your health by promoting blood circulation and enhances resistance against harmful germs and bacteria.

Strong Antibiotic and Deodorization properties reduce harmful gasses 99.9% such as formaldehyde and ammonia.

Durable construction allows for excellent airflow and evenly distributes body weight, eliminating pressure points.

Hypoallergenic Micro Fiber Duvet Cover aids in the prevention of heat loss and keeping you free from allergic dyes.

The QEP’s layers are designed for easy relaxation and a night’s long sound healing sleep. The top layer is 100% Cotton, super soft Micro Fiber fabric which are removable, hypoallergenic and machine washable. The middle layer is composed of complex penetrating infrared rays which are a mixture of the mineral tourmaline and the organic compounds of peach and grape seed. The inside layer is a high density durable cushion for the ultimate in supportive body comfort and pressure point elimination.